Monday, February 23, 2009

My Alfie

My Jack Russell Alfie I swear is my little guardian Angel. I got him as a puppy when my health started it descent into crapness and I had a bout of depression. He fitted in straight away, only cried the first night and knew his name by the time I had got him home. I welled up when I said 'Alfie' to him in the car and he looked up at me with his huge eyes, that was his name. I believe dogs all come with names. I decided that I would call him Alfie when I first saw him, named him after my grandpa who I never got to meet, but felt somehow he was taking care of me when I was very ill in 2004.

Theres been a few times that Alfies looked after me and calmed me down.............but I loose count of how many creon tubs he's had and emptied all over the floor, or how many ventolin inhalers he's sabotaged (although I can't take much ventolin as it makes my heart go crazy, so maybe he was doing me a favour. :0).

Alfies first evening with us

'Help mommy I'm stuck'

Alfie, my mum, my sis and and max


Gemma said...

aw bless Alfie. I always said my cat Guinness was my guardian angel, we got him when I was a baby and he died in 2007, I was so sad. Not sure about this pooch I have now been my guardian angel but he certainly brightens up my day! Little rascal!

Anonymous said...

I love dogs..I have two little Cavalier King Charles!!

I also go to Papworth.