Monday, February 23, 2009

First Posting

Well I'm not getting up to much so this may be a bit boring. I'm still recovering after my last stay in Papworth, chest feels ok but my energy levels are really low still. I'm hoping they will pick up a bit.

Ive a backlog of bracelets to make and send off. I'm making bracelets and selling them through my Justgiving page. Its going really well, been doing it a month and raised £498 already, Ive upped my total to £1000. I was making them like crazy when I was in Papworth. It kept me busy as they had no room for me on the CF Unit so I had no broadband and no laptop either. I must take some better photographs too, so far I've only got fuzzy ones taken on my mobile phone.


V_x said...


Just write about anything, how your feeling, your hope your dreams whatever you want :)

I write about anything so you'll be in good company xx

Victoriax from the boards

Gemma said...

Hey Poozie! Keep up the good work with the braclets and welcome to bloggy world!! :o) xx
ps- Alfie says hello to Alfie!

Sally said...

Hey!!! Great blogging. Alfie is soooooooooooo cute!!!!!

Audrey CF UK said...

Ooooh Suzie, I live in Newmarket too.

Look forward to more blog entries.

Poozie said...

Do you Audrey? Small world eh?